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Astounding Earth

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Cultivating Eco-literacy, Sense of Place and Deep Nature Connection through Experiential Education and Mentoring.

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From the immaculate intricacies of the smallest fungi to the soaring songs of our brilliant birds, nature’s magnificence is calling out all around us. Our living blue planet is truly a splendor to behold.

Now, more than ever, there is a need to bring our human culture into balance with the exquisite ecosystems of our Earth.  To reawaken to the language of nature, learn the planet’s most magnificent stories, and become so familiar with plants, trees, wildlife, and fungi that they become as friends.

Our experiential courses are designed to facilitate both relational and informational learning, while connecting with others to celebrate and enjoy the majesty of the wilds.

I look forward to sharing time together in the Woods!

~ Luke Cannon, Founder/Director  


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"What you get when you step into the woods with Luke Cannon is more than just rich and informed instruction but an immersion into the forest, one that will change your relationship with the forest itself. Small plants you'd perhaps overlook become ancestors carrying countless stories; sapling and virgin growth trees alike become messengers, bearing a history of human interaction and evolution. Time and again, I've seen just how Luke instills vivid curiosity and deep knowledge, and from a slight bit of moss to a bird calling far off, he's there to translate the forest for everyone in his classes, giving us a true and lasting literacy of the kingdom of green". ~ Nickole


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