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Cultivating Eco-literacy, Sense of Place and Deep Nature Connection through Experiential Education and Mentoring.

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Learning the plants around us profoundly changes how one walks through the world.  We offer deep explorations of the amazing and diverse plant life of the Southern Appalachians, their myriad of uses and the extraordinary ways plants shape and are shaped by their ecosystems.  Classes range from beginner to expert level.   


Come join us for fun fungi and mushroom walks in the woods. Learn about our one day and multi-day explorations of common mushroom and fungal families with specific attention to positive identification, safety and edible and medicinal species.  


Interested in the miraculous relationships of life?  Join us for fun-filled days of group learning as we explore 12 incredible natural communities in the region with a broad focus on plants, trees, mushrooms, and the natural processes and cycles they experience. 


A 25 day, spring through fall, immersion program in which we take a deep and transformative dive into our relationships with, knowledge of and reverence for this astounding bioregion. Split into five - 5 day 4 night sessions. 


Come experience a community of learning and awe as we dive into the fascinating world of Birds.  We offer half day, full day and multi-day classes on bird ID, bird language and behavior, creating bird habitat and more. 


Interested in hands on experiential activities such as fire making, foraging wild foods, making survival shelters or natural cordage, animal observation or activities for teachers and nature connection facilitators? See our various skill offerings.


Want to get to know the plants, trees, birds, fungi, or which ecosystems are on a particular piece of land?  Want to learn how to create better wildlife habitat or what plants will grow best where?  Interested in an inventory of the species on the land you live on?  Check out our private land consultations.


Luke offers private and group plant, bird, mushroom and ecology walks, custom experiential and survival skills classes, plant and bird Surveys and more designed for your personal or group needs.  Find out more here. 

Discover the life all around you...

From the immaculate intricacies of the smallest fungi to the soaring songs of our brilliant birds, nature’s magnificence is calling out all around us. Our living blue planet is truly a splendor to behold.

Now, more than ever, there is a need to bring our human culture into balance with the astounding and complex ecosystems of our Earth.  To awaken to the language of nature, learn the planet’s most magnificent stories, and become so familiar with plants, trees, wildlife, and fungi that they become as friends.

Our experiential courses are designed to facilitate both relational and informational learning, while connecting with others and enjoying the majesty of the wilds.

I look forward to sharing time together in the Woods!

Luke Cannon  - Founder/Director  



"What you get when you step into the woods with Luke Cannon is more than just rich and informed instruction but an immersion into the forest, one that will change your relationship with the forest itself. Small plants you'd perhaps overlook become ancestors carrying countless stories; sapling and virgin growth trees alike become messengers, bearing a history of human interaction and evolution. Time and again, I've seen just how Luke instills vivid curiosity and deep knowledge, and from a slight bit of moss to a bird calling far off, he's there to translate the forest for everyone in his classes, giving us a true and lasting literacy of the kingdom of green."