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More than a Botanist, Luke Cannon is a long time pursuer and teacher of our living natural world.  His passions to study and understand the beautiful ecological intricacies of our astounding earth have led him throughout the Americas and across the globe.  An avid naturalist Luke draws from a diverse pool of knowledge, combining his  biological studies with his life experience and training in: Appalachian ecology, organic farming,  survival skills,  permaculture, rural homesteading and experiential education.  His course of studies include the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, the Humboldt Field Research Institute,  University of North Carolina Asheville, the Highlands Biological Station, the Karuna Falls  School of Permaculture (NZ),  John Young's Art of Mentoring course and the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. 

Luke Cannon, Ethnobotanist & Naturalist-for-Hire brings decades of ecological experience to a wide range of classes and educational formats; from beginner to expert.   In each class, he delivers exceptional content and experiential learning to the youngest and the young at heart.  An accomplished mentor, Luke tailors each class or event with care, engaging each participant and sharing his profound connection to the natural world around us.  Luke's central passion:  "Helping people everywhere to deepen their connections, understandings and love for our astounding Earth."

During the last two decades, Luke has instructed for numerous wilderness awareness programs, led classes, walks and workshops for numerous private and public institutions, herbal schools and plant societies including: the North Carolina Arboretum, the Blue Ridge Audubon Society, Organic Growers School, the Finger Lakes Native Plant Society, the Asheville Mushroom Club, Wild Abundance, and the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism.   In 2011 he became the founder and Director of Astounding Earth - dedicated to helping people deepen their relationships with the living Earth.    Luke currently lives in the mountains of North Carolina, studying and teaching Appalachian ecology, ethnobotany and avian ecology.  He offers regular public walks and workshops to share his knowledge of local ecology and to try and kindle our collective fascination for the living Earth. 


Sliding Scale, Payment Plans & Scholarships

No one should be turned away for lack of funds, especially when it comes to learning

about our astounding earth around us!  Your donation to Astounding Earth helps someone else who may not have the means to attend classes and courses. 

Sliding Scale Payments

Astounding Earth offers a sliding scale payment option when registering for events. Please choose your tuition based upon your means. 

Payment Plans

Please contact me to learn more.  

Astounding Earth Scholarships

With a goal of creating connected, eco-literate and powerfully diverse communities, Astounding Earth offers partial and full scholarships to people who might otherwise not be able to participate in our programs. Our hope is that empowered individuals may then spread these tools and skills into a greater diversity of communities.   

​Astounding Earth offers diversity and need-based scholarships, especially geared towards: underserved communities, Black and Latino communities, refugee communities, folks who speak English as a second language (ESL communities), at-risk-teens (ages 16+), single parents, and Indigenous/First-Nations Peoples.


Your contributions create our scholarship fund- allowing our programs to reach more who have less!

If you are interested, or know anyone who is interested, who might not have the resources needed to

attend, or who might be inexperienced in the format of such a course, please be in touch.


Thank you for supporting this invaluable work!