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Astounding Earth

Consultations and Surveys

Learning to Steward the Land.

Land Consultation

In addition to offering public walks and courses centered around earth connection and naturalist education, Luke offers custom land consultations as well as vegetation and wildlife surveys.

Land Consultations

Getting to know the diversity of plants and animals that live on your land is a greatly rewarding venture.  And making decisions on how to best steward or live on a piece of land becomes much clearer as we learn to read the landscape.  For more than a decade Luke has helped land owners learn the plants, soils and wildlife on their land and understand important features of the landscape and ecology for consideration in optimal land use.  

During a Land Consultation you will meet a multitude of the plants, trees, fungi, birds and other wildlife that inhabit your land, with notes on edible, medicinal, utilitarian and ecological significance and management considerations for your goals. Soil Ph and richness will be assesed as it varies over the landscape and examine water flow considerations. 



Half Day Land Consultation 9 am to noon, or 1 am to 4 pm: $200 

Full Day Land Consultation 9 am to 3 pm : $300

Biological Survey

Wildlife and Vegetation Surveys

Many Land owners are interested in a more complete survey and record of the plants and/or animals on their land.  Wildlife and Vegetation surveys not only create a long term record of what plants and animals are currently on the land but also serve as an important bench mark for monitoring population increases and reductions over time.   Luke specializes in plant and bird surveys but is able to include other biota such as lichen, moss, mushrooms, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians as available.  

Surveys vary in time and cost depending on property size, species scope and detail.   Please call or use the contact form below for inquiries.  


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