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Astounding Earth

Mentoring for your personal
nature connection journey.


Interested in becoming a more well rounded naturalist through one on one mentorship?


Luke is now offering one-on-one mentoring in naturalist and nature awareness skills tailored to suit your interests and learning style.​


In one on one mentoring Luke guides you through the process of expanding your awareness and understanding of the natural world with emphasis on building relationships with birds, plants, insects, fish, fungi, mammals and ecosystems at large. In working with Luke, you will learn personalized practices to deepen your skills and ability to identify, engage, and be in relationship with the greater natural community where you live. 

Luke Cannon has been passionately mentoring individuals along their nature connection journeys since 1999.   Decades of dirt time, dedicated study, and training with master mentors aid Luke in guiding others toward valuable growth and depth in their naturalist journey.   

This apprenticeship is to inspire, encourage and support you to lean into what you are passionate about and to grow your naturalist awareness 

As an apprentice, you will gain practical naturalist skills such as:  

  • Learn the ways of tracking and bird language

  • Get to know your local  birds, plants, insects, amphibians, fungi, mammals and ecosystems

  • Learn valuable nature-connection practices that expand your awareness and senses.

  • Discover practical ways to help protect local wildlife and habitat

  • Learn and skills for facilitating and mentoring others in nature connection activities

  • Deepen your personal connection and relationship to the wilds around you

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What is the structure like? How do we engage?

We will meet for two sessions a month via phone or Zoom and one (or more) in person - woods time sessions every 6 months for local participants. 

Do I need to live in Western North Carolina to participate? 

No, anywhere in the east or southeast is great. 

Do I need experience as a naturalist?

Nope. Absolute beginner or advanced, wherever you are at along your naturalist journey is perfect.  I will tailor the activities based on your personal goals, interests and skill level. 

Are payment plans available?

Yes! Please see the scholarships and payment plan tab on the ABOUT page.  


The apprenticeship begins with a 6 month commitment with two sessions per month. This is short enough as a do-able commitment and long enough to lean into becoming a naturalist. The total apprenticeship is at least one year.



Astounding Earth believes no one should be turned away for lack of funds, especially when it comes to learning about nature and the astounding earth around us. Our sessions are twice a month on a sliding scale.  Choose a tier that is authentic for you.

Monthly fee includes 2, hour and half phone or Zoom sessions per month, one 3.5 hour in person session per 6 months, plus additional phone and email support of your weekly goals and practices.  



$75 per session ($150 per month) if apprenticing is a stretch financially

$100 per session ($200 per month) if you’re financially flourishing

For more information, or to set up a phone call to discuss a custom naturalist

mentoring journey, contact Luke below.

Luke may also be hired for half day or full day private classes, mentoring sessions or naturalist walks at your home or favorite WNC natural area. 

Luke offers one-on-one or small group instruction in:

Wild Plants

Mushrooms and Fungi

Birds and Bird Language

Animal Tracking and Trailing

Wilderness Awareness Skills

Friction Fire/Bow-drill Fire
Survival Shelters
Lost Proofing
Cordage Rope from Plant Fibers

Experiential Nature-connection Activities and Games for Educators and Parents 


For more information, or to set up a phone call to discuss a custom naturalist

class or session, contact Luke below.

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